Ritual Format II

*Special thanks to Wōdgār Inguing, Marcus Arminius, and Segomâros Widugeni (for his basic ritual format on his blog and book. Also for his earlier approval of the format).

As Senobessus Bolgon grows, it should have a shorter alternative devotion ritual that can be adapted to multiple functions (such as devotional practice, various customs/cults, and propitiation).

As it turns out, Wōdgār Inguing and Marcus Arminius at Lārhūs Fyrnsida as well as myself had come up with a very similar short format for ritual earlier on through some collaboration (they were gracious enough to allow me to copy most of their listed resources for the purpose of this post as at the time of writing my version of the short ritual, I had not kept my list). This ritual was adapted from Segomâros Widugeni’s basic ritual on my part.

Here it is, ready for use. 

1. Purification/Glanosagon, in which one would sprinkle the water on participants while saying a purification blessing. (Or bathing or washing one’s hands before the ritual) 

2. Beginning/Kentus, this would establish a holy silence and then make a sacred fire which is the holiest part of the sacred space. An optional part would be a making of the rampart, which can be done with a candle. (I’ll circle the candle, usually a tea light, around the shrine/altar three times in a clockwise motion, once for each world; Albios/Nemos, Bitus, Mori/Dumnos. The reason for this is because it’s still a recreation of the cosmos and the shrine/altar functions as the axis mundi/world tree.)

3. Offering/Adbertâ, Chant-Prayer/Natus, and Thanks/Braton. (For daily offerings, I give incense sticks/cones, lit by the candle previously mentioned, alongside the prayers. I feel that’s the bare minimum. )

4. Covering the sacred fire/Clitâ Noibotenetos, or leaving it to burn out. (Most people I imagine feel safer not having an open flame burn out in their home when not around.)

5. Feast/Ulidos – OPTIONAL



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