Slaniâ te! Welcome to Senobessus Bolgon! This is an attempt at fleshing out a flavor of Gaulish Polytheism, specifically a Belgic style that uses inspiration from the following tribes:
  • Ambiani
  • Atrebates
  • Bellovaci
  • Suessiones
  • Caleti
  • Veliocassi
  • Menapi
  • Morini
  • Nervii
  • Remi
  • Caerosi
  • Condrusi
  • Eburones
  • Paemani
  • Segni
  • Atuatuci
  • Treveri
  • Leuci
  • Mediomatrici
Our Aims
  • To establish a reconstructed, polytheistic religion based on the practices of the people living in Gallia Belgica between roughly the 3rd century BC and the Roman conquest of Gaul.
  • To bring like minded practitioners together under the Senobessus Bolgon banner.
  • To provide knowledge and a cohesive theological structure to interested parties, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, nationality etc.